Founded in 1993 by Daniel Logemann and Mirco Osterthun, and at first the band had other names, before they settled on Massiv in Mensch in about 1995/96. After deciding to move from instrumentals to songs with lyrics about human defects and decadence, their debut CD Belastendes Material (2000) brought the band to WGT for their first appearance. Noted releases that followed were Menschdefekt (2003), Clubber Lang (2006), and Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle (2008). These along with their last release, The Cortex Zero Effect (2013), all found their place on the Deutschen Alternative Charts (DAC) and the GEWC.
The band often records their lyrics in German and their lyrics are often humorous, filled with wit and irony. Even though they have only a few songs in English they have a strong fan-base in the UK and North America.
Not attached to one sound Massiv in Mensch have covered the spectrum of the electronic music genre. Each CD shows the range of the musical abilities of the band and they never would be content with producing only one sound or genre on a CD.  
Returning to the WGT in 2005 and 2012, the band has played shows all over Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The new album "Am Port der guten Hoffnung" ("On the port of good hope") will be released in the early part of 2017 on Katyusha Records (Sweden) and the band is ready to travel to meet more fans around the world!
The band lineup is Daniel Logemann (Keys, Vox), Muck Kemmereit (Drums), Thomas Rauchenecker (Keys), Jonathan Millat (Guitar), Marwin Voß (Bass) and Tomas Appelhoff (Vocals, Production, Mastering).